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The peace of mind for both property owners & insurance companies

With the ability to manage risks across a property portfolio, with

AKWA Concierge dashboard


WATER DETECT is the exclusive Alberta distributor for AKWA Technologies Solutions Inc.​ 


Samuel Masson is the president of WATER DETECT and has been an interior system mechanic contractor in Edmonton for the past 15 years. After seeing so much water damage in Alberta, we did an exhaustive study of the Canadian water damage prevention industry.  AKWA Technologies Solutions Inc. came out as a leader in terms of technology and features. Water Detect is the logical add-on to our existing services.

Their Water Alarm system can detect hidden water leaks in walls and floors. The AKWA Concierge platform allows building managers to act quickly to prevent water damage. 

AKWA Technologies system can also have a significant impact on insurance premiums and deductibles. As with smoke detectors, leak detectors will soon be the norm. AKWA Technologies offers a high-performance and secure solution for school boards, property managers, governments, condominiums, but above all for the end consumer, while providing real peace of mind.

AKWA Technologies, a brand of AKWA Technologies Solutions inc. ( is one of the best Water Alarm system in its category! The mission of this product is to prevent damage caused by water leaks. It is a smart and customizable solution, that can be adapted to various building configurations. The AKWA valve can be installed in cold or warm climates (indoor or outdoor installation) and the system is ideal for residential, multi-residential or commercial properties. AKWA Technologies has been installed to date in locations across Canada and the United States.

AKWA Technologies is recognized by leading insurance companies.

Customers Safety is a Priority

WATER DETECT wants you to be safe from water leaks and floods, we make sure to sell to you what you need and nothing more. 


Furthermore, any personnel from WATER DETECT or any sub-contractors working in your home has had a background check to make sure we respect your integrity and security.

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