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Modern Housing Complex

AKWA, a smart, secure, flexible & performing solution

Each property is different! AKWA Technologies can adapt to various configuration of buildings, to meet YOUR particular needs for a 24/7/365 protection



AKWA* Water Alarm detects and controls water leaks without any intervention. It monitors your property day and night.



Prevention Kit

  • 1 Vacancy sensor

  • 1 Controler

  • 1 Motorized valve

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AKWA Indoor Master valve-Front-Logo.jpg

Better be safe than sorry...

The majority of water leaks happens when you are not at home. The best protection to avoid them is simply to close the Master valve when you are away from home.​

In a “Prevention mode” the AKWA* Vacancy sensor detects if the occupants are absent. The Master valve will close after a set-up time to prevent any water leaks. It will automatically reopen when you are back home.

Complete kit

  • 1 Vacancy sensor

  • 1 Controler

  • 1 Motorized valve

  • 3 Detection rulers (washer, dishwasher, water heater)

  • 3 Single sensors (toilet, vanity, kitchen sink)

  • 1 Flow sensor to detect leaks in walls

  • 1 Web control platform

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AKWA Indoor Master valve-Front-Logo.jpg
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If a leak is detected AKWA takes action immediately

In a “Complete protection mode”, AKWA* Wireless leak sensors are added in risky areas such as: washer, dishwasher, hot water tank, HVAC, toilets, sinks, fridge ice-maker, in order to detect any water leaks and provide a complete protection.

As soon as a puddle is detected, the AKWA* Wireless leak sensor sends an alarm signal to the Water Alarm controller, the Master valve closes and the leak stops. You will then be notified by email or text message and the worst has been avoided!


Flow sensors are designed to detect invisible leaks in walls and will complete your protection. Many Cities in Alberta have very hard water which act like sandpaper inside pipes, a Flow sensor is a must.

The complete kit constantly scans 6 high risk zones in your house. In the event of a leak, AKWA* takes action and closes the water valve and sends you an alert immediately. Additional sensors can be added to fit your property.

Our professional advisors will help you determine the best configuration for your needs.

The AKWA Concierge Platform

AKWA Concierge.jpg

Automated Centralized Management 


Designed for condo corporations, commercial operators, property managers, building owners, developers etc.

AKWA Concierge* is a web application which allows you to see and manage all the leak detection sensors in your property.

An easy way to supervise and avoid expensive water damages.

Reports can be generated for the number of alarms signaled, water leaks, etc.

With the LoRa technology (low frequency, high range) we are able to offer an independent reliable wireless signal with a 10 Km range.

This is ideal for ensuring the continuity of the system without relying on the Wi-Fi network of the co-owners or tenants.





Where can AKWA be installed?

Multi-family Residential / Institutional / Commercial / Residential 


Avoid premature breakage and wear on the building.

Can give insurance coverage to buildings that are difficult to insure, given their water leak history.

Protect irreplaceable goods and valuables such as souvenirs, photos that insurance companies will not replace.

Minimize the consequences of water leaks, including renovation work and potential relocations.

Can reduce the impact on emergency funds and avoid legal claims that typically arise between condo owners.

Can provide discount benefits with some insurance premiums plans and on deductibles.

Comes with a dashboard, web-based App., to

receive and manage water leak alerts centrally (AKWA Concierge).


Avoid any employee productivity loss when the leak issue is in a commercial building.

Minimize the impact a leakage can have on your clients, partners and operations.

What Makes AKWA So UNIQUE?

AKWA includes several functions and offers unique advantages that make it the top performing solution in the marketplace.

The system includes:

Vacancy sensor and/or remote control: will close the Master valve when occupants leave their home.

Sensors: can also detect freezing pipes and sprinklers, avoiding potential major sinister.

‘Smart Alarm’: Wireless leak sensors with a smart alarm algorithm to avoid false alarms.

Flow sensor: to helps monitor water flows and avoid invisible leaks.

Custom programming: for special applications such as filling swimming pools or managing schedules dedicated to sprinkler systems.

Supervision: to validate if the Wireless leak sensors are present and functional at all time. An alarm activates when the batteries are low.

Connectivity is possible to fire and alarm systems.

Quick connect mechanism on the stainless steel fitting = easy to install.

Automatic weekly self-checks: eliminate calcification and deposit at the main valve.

Rechargeable battery (up to 6h) to allow the use of water and manage risks during power failures.

AKWA* is a Green solution and the control of the water is key, especially when water taxes can be high!

Saving & Protection

AKWA Technologies allows owners to secure their goods and can generate savings both with the insurance premiums and on deductibles.

Insurance companies recognize the value-add of water leakage detection solutions, and some of them are ready to offer a discount in order to minimize the risks associated with water damages. WATER DETECT customers will in the end save money at the installation, but also on a recurring basis.

Optimize your protection, minimize your risk!

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